The SYNERGY group of companies provide multiple solutions related to the Internet of Things (IoT), Radio Frequency Identification (RAID RFID), Information Security (Infosec) and Wireless Network Infrastructure. Learn more about our different business units.

Synergy Tecnologia is the holding company that controls the operations of Identix and Identhis. It simultaneously acts as a value-added distributor of RAIN RFID and IoT solutions for the Brazilian market. Included in the range of products distributed by Synergy are IoT gateways, readers, antennas and RAIN RFID tags from several OEM manufacturers such as Impinj, Laird and others. Synergy also acts as a solution Value Added Reseller for information security and wireless networking solutions.

Identix is a developer and OEM manufacturer of IoT and RAIN RFID hardware and software platform components for different market segments including retail, healthcare, industry, services and others. It operates exclusively through system integrators and solution providers.

Identhis provides specialized solution for the HealthCare and Life Sciences market. We offer "Healthcare Intelligence Solutions" based on IoT technologies that automate data collection and analysis to increase patient safety, effectiveness, efficiency and profitability.